Date: 09/12/01 09:41:50 AM

Name: 樂施會


Subject: 轉貼:「藥物專利戰」網上簽名行動


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您好!最近香港輿論就知識產權問題有熱烈的討論,在發展中國家,專利權亦造成救命藥價格高昂的惡果。為此,病人互助組織聯盟、愛滋寧養服務協會、樂施會、關懷愛滋及社會行動工作室五個民間團體,聯合發起名為「藥物專利戰 – 商業利益不應凌駕公眾健康」的網上簽名行動,呼籲香港市民關注高藥價及其背後的專利權問題。 運動目的是要重申公眾健康乃基本人權,不應受商業利益凌駕的訴求,我們並不是要反對知識產權,而是希望指出條例要平衡各方利益。
你的簽名將於 9月15日,即世貿召開公眾健康及專利協議的檢討會議之前,送交港府知識產權署。要求香港政府在國際貿易談判上,支持貧窮國家爭取修改知識產權協議。
* 請即鼓勵親友登記成為「行動伙伴」 他們將定期收到樂施會倡議運動的最新資料。
Dear Friends,
Please Support the joint cyber signature campaign
" Patent War – Public Health before Commercial Interests "
We face a global health crisis where 11 million people die needlessly each year from infectious diseases. Many life-saving medicines are expensive because the drug giants have been granted excessive monopolies through global patent rules. In response to this patent injustice, a group of local organisations: AIDS Concern, Alliance for Patients ', Mutual Help Organizations, Oxfam Hong Kong, Social Action Workshop for Alternatives in Asia, and The Society for AIDS Care are joining forces to launch the " Patent War – Public Health before Commercial Interests' " cyber signature campaign. We aim at raising public awareness and mobilising public action to make life-saving medicines available to poor people.
Please support our joint campaign and sign. Oxfam will collect the cyber signatures then send the bulk to IP departure on mid-Sept, before the Sept 19 TRIPS review.
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