Date: 01/2/02 09:52:34 PM

Name: Zara


Subject: Re: 天峰:精神是變與不變的統一體

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Some questions about your article:
(1) Quote from your article: "物質是變與不變的統一體,精神同樣也是變與不變的統一體。物質形式(主要是我們的腦神經)的變化與精神內容的變化有著絕對一致性(這一點業已得到現代科學的證明),就是說精神與物質其可以變化的形式是一體,所以我認為人的精神與物質(大腦神經)其不變的因素也是一體,精神既是物質"
Question: Can you give some of the "scientific evidence" you mentioned that supports your view that the change in matter (neurological) is absolutely equivalent to change in mind?
(2) It seems to me that you are trying to draw the equivalency between "spirit" and "matter" based on one property - it can be static as well as dynamic. I wonder if this one property is the only property of "spirit" and the only property of "matter". If it is not the only one, you need to list out others to show their equivalence. My argument here is: how can we draw the equivalence without knowing all the properties of "spirit" and "matter"?