Computers are better than human brains:

saying that ˇuhuman brains are not as good as computersˇv is not to hope that we human beings should feel disappoint. It does not matter that others say we are worse. We should make progress to catch up computers!

I donˇzt not agree to ˇuhuman brains are better than computersˇv. However it is difficult to compare these two things.

Generally speaking, computer is the instrumentalization of manˇzs brain; Now that it is a tool, it surely surpasses the organ itself. Hoes are hand-made tools. It is obvious that we should dig the ground with hoes. The pupil learns from and outdoes his teacher.

Philosophical time and space declare, ˇuComputers are better than human brains.ˇv Here are three reasons:

1.As a tool of thinking, computer exceeds the thinking organ itself;

2.Among humans there are only a few engineers working on computer programming whose thinking ability reaches the level of computer. Most of humans are only use this thinking tool. So from the sense of the average of statistics, computers are better than human brains;

3.Compare computers and human brains as two groups, computers are based on digital analytic logic on a deep level while human brains use high-level languages which are based on analogue analytic formal logic on a lower level. From the compare of these two groups, we can see that human brains are not only slow at speed but also not exact; the result got from thinking function has bigger error.

To conclude ˇucomputers are better than human brains.ˇv I also feel it is very cruel and disappoint. However considering it is the phenomenon of progress we may be feel comforted.

However if we start from the narrow psychological angle and donˇzt give up the view of ˇuhuman brains are better than computersˇv, it will be very dangerous and serious.

Extremely, since human brains have big error the earth will go to its end if we stress human brains blindly. The result will be that we will lose control of environment pollution, nuclear proliferation and even nuclear war. It will ruin all human beings and even the earth!

Considered from general examples, computers have also greatly improved the quality of our life. Look at computer products beside you and you will not be against my saying so. If we cherish that ˇucomputers are better than human brainsˇv, to reform and promote human thinking mode, humanˇzs road will be brighter. I cannot see any things dangerous from it.

So philosophical time and space determine, between computers and human brains, we cannot raise human brains absolutely. That is a question of principle!